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The trade name is Noalox, an apparent contraction of "no aluminum
oxidation."  Use it where aluminum tubes overlap to reduce corrosion and
facilitate assembly and disassembly.

Scotch-Brite pads are indeed quite good for cleaning and polishing aluminum
tubing to a high shine.  WD40 is also useful as a solvent to remove bits of
electrical tape and adhesive residue.

73, Keith NM5G

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So I am  assuming that Noalux is conductive and I can do the entire length
of the  elements.

Hi Bob,
Just use the Noalux where the elements come together. Don't put it on the
entire element!
The stuff is sticky and will make a mess out of your cleaned up antenna
once all the dirt sticks to the Noalux... Yuck.
DO NOT use steel wool !!! Get a Scotch-Brite. The steel wool will leave
really little pieces of steel all over the antenna. You may not be able to
see the little pieces when you're finished polishing, but you'll sure see
them when they rust - And rust they will.
I don't know if using alcohol to clean it will make any difference, but it
shouldn't hurt anything. There is a polishing cloth out there that is gold
colored - I can't remember the name, but I got one at the local Harley
Makes the antenna SHINE like chrome :-) and stays shiny for a long  time,
but eventually it will go back to dull. The RF won't care what the antenna
looks like, only that the joints are a solid connection.
Get to work with a Scotch-Brite es GL with your project!
73, Don - K4BEV

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