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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Honda HF antennas
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Date: Wed, 24 May 2006 21:30:48 -0500
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Jim - Just my 2 cents - I am thinking that the Honda electronics are a 
tremendous improvement over the VW. Like
night and day difference although I am by no means a Honda mechanic. I have 
had quite a bit of past experience
with electronic fuel control and the Japanese are tip-top in todays world.
Snap-On makes a small  ( sharp ) hook tool on a handle similar to a 
screwdriver that is excellent for pulling coax or
power leads thru holes in the firewall. Also they have a small tube type ( 
not electronic tubes ) device that is on a
scewdriver handle also. It is slash cut on the end and will easily pierce a 
small hole thru any rubber grommet in
your firewall and leave you an end under the hood to put your leads into and 
pull back into your cockpit. Wallah,
there they are with a rubber booty already surrounding them. In todays cars 
you will not find so many of the
plugged holes as of yesterdays vehicles. Hope this helps.

Dave / NØATH

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Honda HF antennas

> Warren,
> That may have been my request for info, a few weeks back.
> What I ultimately got was very little information from the
> thread.
> Considering putting a valor antenna on a diamond k400 trunk lip
> mount.  Hardly the most efficient, but least impact on the vehicle.
> However, I am concerned about 100w HF in a vehicle with an electronic
> throttle system.  (2003 Accord EX).
> Would prefer one of the small screwdrivers, but the ergonomics of
> tuning it manually don't look safe to me.  (despite friends having said
> 'it's no problem')
> If anyone knows definitively that I can route an iC706 power cord through
> the firewall of a 2003 Accord, I'd like to know where to find the plugged
> hole.
> If anyone has specific experience with RFI to a Honda vehicle, 2003 or
> newer,
> I'd like to hear about it.
> Here's my concern:  In my old VW Passat, the dashboard lights would blink
> whenever on 30m cw.  On 20m cw, the cruise control would trip off.  *
> thankfully
> never on! *
> Tried it with the comet/valor antenna, and with a base tuned 102" whip.
> both
> had the same problem.
> n2ea
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