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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Antenna Question
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Date: Sun, 2 Jul 2006 05:19:05 -0400
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I have an A4S and several Th7DXX.  I have also used a TH5 at Field Day this 
year and a local has had one up for years.  The A4S is a very good antenna 
electrically--I am often surprised with its good performance,  but poor 
mechanically.  The u-bolts to mount the elements to the boom go thru the 
elements creating very weak points that have failed in heavy wind 
conditions.  Also the center insulator on the driven element is a relatively 
thin fiberglass tube which gets brittle from UV and is a point of failure. 
When mine broke I replaced the tube with a solid rod that I bought from 
McMaster Carr.  The TH7/Th5 is a much stronger antenna structurally and its 
performance is comparable.  My TH7 antennas have been up for years with no 
mechanical problems at all.  If I had to choose between the two, I would 
choose the TH5 over the A4S.  GL 73  Saul K2XA
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> This question would be more appropriate on the TowerTalk reflector... but 
> here's my thoughts...
> I had a HyGain TH5DXX at 90 feet for 15 years and this antenna played 
> well. It uses a dual driven element which gives it a little wider 
> bandwidth. I donated this antenna to my brother, KD8FS, who has had it up 
> the past 10 years in Michigan. We both have used it on RTTY with 1 KW.
> I do not have experience with the A4S. From the specifications the 
> Cushcraft is lighter (37 lbs vs. 57 lbs). This antenna has an optional 
> 40-meter kit, the HyGain doesn't.
> The HyGain has a couple extra sq ft of surface area, which I would 
> attribute to heftier construction. Performance-wise, I doubt you would 
> tell much difference between these two antenna at 60 feet.
> Price-wise, the heavier Hy Gain costs an extra $60. I would base my 
> decision on your local environmental conditions... here in Minnesota we 
> get ice storms and high winter winds. I bet my money on the Hy Gain to 
> survive longer.
> 73 de Bob - K0RC
> Antenna Question
> Posted by: "Professional Home Inspections"   pmackanos
> Sat Jul 1, 2006 9:42 am (PST)
> If you had the choice, which antenna would you mount on a crank-up tower,
> about 60 feet to the antenna?
> A Hygain TH5-MK2
> A Cushcraft A4S
> And WHY ??
> Paul K2DB
> I am leaning toward the A4S
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