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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Identifying A Rotator
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Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2006 17:27:23 -0500
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Hi Larry:

Funny you would ask that question. 

I have obtained a similar rotor as well.

No markings on the bell housing, however, it does have all 8 terminals (which 
need cleaning) and it has in stamped numbers on the

H4     Assuming "Ham4"          
S1     don't know
JAN80  probably Manu date
I have downloaded the manual for a HAMIV assuming it is one. After going 
through all the tests and calibration procedures, it seems
to be working FB using my CDE controller.

Like you I am wondering if I am correct in the model number also and would like 
to confirm it (but don't know how either) before
ordering general parts or before rebuilding it and taking it apart to repack 
the grease.

If you find out 
how to read one 
please let me know also.

  73 fer nw,

10X# 37210, FP#-1141
SMIRK#-5177, RARS #-149

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> I have a rotator from the estate of an old friend and fellow 
> pack-rat. There are no identifying marks on the cast aluminum 
> body BUT it resembles the typical HyGain product. The bottom 
> entry terminal strip has only four terminals not the 5 or 8 
> I'd expect from a current HyGain rotator.
> Terminal 2 shows no continuity to terminals 1, 3 and 4. There 
> a low ohms readings among the other three terminal.
> Can anyone help me identify this?
> TIA and 73
> Larry K3VX
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