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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] marb550 diagrams
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Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2006 09:12:50 -0700
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Hi Rick,

You could be talking about my installation.  I had exactly the same problem
calculating the exact "lay-down angle" when I installed my MA550MDP with
MARB.  I don't think the diagram you are looking for exists.  I suspect you
want to know what angle, with respect to the square base-bolt pattern, the
pivot platform is placed on the RB so you'll know where the tower will lay
down, and I suspect that may not be exactly the same angle on every base.
One would thing it would be either 45 or 90 deg. to the square pattern, but
it isn't.  It is some odd angle (on mine anyway) and I had to measure it
before I calculated my bolt placement.  In my case, the angle came out to
24.5 deg.  That doesn't tell you much but I still have the drawings I made
and could scan and send them to you if you wish, BUT (and that's a BIG but)
I wouldn't count on yours being at the same angle as mine.  My suggestion
would be to get some string, a tape measure and your trig calculator and go
measure it. (But my offer to scan and send still stands.)

73 - JC, K0HPS

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Subject: [TowerTalk] marb550 diagrams

Thanks for the responses, I should have been more specific.  I own,  but is
still installed in the previous owners yard, a MA550 that also has a rotor
base MARB550, and the raising fixture MAF-550.  I have measured the top of
the MAF at 10 ft and know that I need 10" clearance for the pulleys etc
outside of the center pipe.  What I was looking for was a diagram looking
down on that arrangement.  I have not asked US Tower specifically for it,
Rick Smith


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