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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Porcupines and other wives tales
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Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2006 13:13:52 -0500
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> Hi All,
> Let me toss my hat into the ring here and tell you my experiences about
> lightning.
> When I erected my  two towers, I grounded them very well. There was an
> article by a W5 out in West Texas that used a mixture of vermiculite and
> other things to make his ground. The holes I dug were about two feet in
> diameter and three feet deep for each tower. Three-quarter inch, 10 ft
> lengths of copper tubing were used. The soil here in AZ is very dry so a
> low impedance ground I thought was necessary.
> The second thing I did was to provide a large surface area at the top of
> each tower (ie, a Yagi with grounded elements) to dissipate the charge
> build up. There is a company out of Chicago that makes ground screens for
> towers who's sole purpose is to dissipate the charge build up caused by
> passing storms. Their claim to fame was to dissipate the charge before the
> electric field gradient was sufficient to cause a strike. In my opinion,
> it
> works.
> I followed these two ideas and I have never been hit  in 24 years although
> the grammar school about 400 yards to the West of me took a direct strike
> about a year ago. I thought it was all over with when the sound and the
> flash were at the same time.
> This was not cheap either but so far it has worked beyond my expectations.
> I know I have that article somewhere.........
> 73 Hardy N7RT

My tower has never been hit with a rabbits foot hung on it either. Therefore
it must work.

Gary  K4FMX


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