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There is a company in Canada that sells commercial AM Radio band Helical
antennas (50ft).  These antennas come with an option for a 40ft, 4" in dia.
Ground rod that is installed using a well drilling rig.  The shaft is made,
the copper pipe is dropped down the shaft and the slurry is then poured in
around the pipe.  The antennas are used for 10watt low power traffic and
weather broadcasting to local communities. LAX has a system using 100 watts.
Arlington County Gov. is currently installing one of thes antennas systems
with the option to go to five systems to cover the entire county. 

I suspect the commercial guys know the right mix values.  Not sure it is
worth the expense, time or trouble for an amateur radio installation!


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Somebody mentioned Bentonite as a good filler material to improve 


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