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Re: [TowerTalk] generators/transfer switches etc Re: YetAnotherLightning

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] generators/transfer switches etc Re: YetAnotherLightning Strike
From: Jim Lux <>
Date: Sat, 08 Jul 2006 22:05:48 -0700
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At 06:38 PM 7/8/2006, Clay Curtiss W7CE wrote:

> > I'm thinking of getting rid of that 9500 watt portable and installing a
> > permanent 15 to 20 KW natural gas fired unit. First thing they'd do would
> > be
> > shut off the gas and they'd not even have to worry about transfer
> > switches.
> > That old 9500 has had over 100 hours of use in the last 5 years.
> >
>I have an 8 KW unit that is permanently installed and runs on natural gas.

Around here (southern CA), the most likely natural disaster that would 
cause an outage is an earthquake, which would shut off the gas at the 
meter, if not further up the chain.  Diesel or propane are probably better 
bets in some areas.  One advantage of natural gas is that the air quality 
regulatory issues are easier.  A permanently installed standby generator 
running on gas and/or diesel is going to probably require a permit, if only 
for the periodic tests.

There might be a "safe harbor" exemption for single family dwelling sorts 
of applications or for tiny generators (<10HP, I think), but for a 
business, you're definitely on the hook.  And, if you run your generator in 
a non-emergency situation (e.g. during a Stage 2 or 3 alert, but before the 
outage has occurred) there's a whole 'nother raft of rules you need to be 
aware of.



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