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[TowerTalk] was - Lightning Strike - shocking

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Subject: [TowerTalk] was - Lightning Strike - shocking
From: "Jim Miller" <JimMiller@STL-OnLine.Net>
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2006 12:39:23 -0500
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My introduction to static buildup was a shocking experience.  Traveling in
western South Dakota at the time there was a storm msybe 10 miles away but
completely clear where I was on the interstate.  All I had was an HT at the
time connected to a 5/8 mag mount on the roof of the car.  reaching for the
HT on the dash gave me a shock.  I did it several times and decided to
disconnect the coax so not damage the radio.  Holding the coax near the
metal column shift lever would repeatedly draw an arc of at least 1/4 inch
every few seconds.  My wife was SURE we would be struck by lightning and I
actually had to stop and remove the antenna to get any peace.

Moral of the story - don't travel with women or don't let them see you jump
when you get zapped and don't say anything about it.

73, de Jim KG0KP


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