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Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2006 16:02:18 -0700
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W7IX's, who as you may remember is SK from a tower failure, mother called me
and asked me about the value of antenna's that he has on his property.  They
are trying to arrange to get the antenna's taken off the towers and the
towers and antenna's sold.

Here is the list of antenna's that are in his inventory:

HiGain 105 CA
HiGain 204 BA-s
Maco M108C
Cushcraft A3S
HiGain 10-80 meter vertical
Wilson 204 Mono plus
HiGain 105CA
HiGain 204BA-s
HiGain vertical 12 AVQ
HiGain Vertical 18 AVT
Cushcraft ARX-2B
Cushcraft ARX-220B
Ringo Ranger II
Cushcraft ARX-450BN

If anybody has any idea what these are going for new or used I will pass
this information on to her.

Also I know that he had two towers and one of those around 80 foot and
another a shorter one, plus several rotors.  She will get this information
and pass to me when she can.

If you can help please reply direct.

Rod WC7N

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