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Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 12:11:55 -0400
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I had 9 foot Glen Martin roof tower on my single story house in Iowa for 
10years.  I used a 10 foot heavy duty mast 
(with thrust bearing at top).  I had a Force 12 C4 about 6 feet above the top 
of the tower, a scanner antenna at the 
top and a 6M, 2M, 440 combo beam about 2 feet above the top of the tower.

I re-enforced the roof with 2 by 10s going across the roof beams on the 
underside and ran 12 inch long 3/8 inch 
stainless threaded stock through with bolts on the roof, below the roof, and 
top/bottom of the re-enforcing wood.  I 
used plenty of silicon caulk and never had a leak.

I never had a problem (structurely or mechanically).  50-60+ mph wind storms 
were common. The antenna worked 
fine on all bands even though I was about 80 feet below the hills to my east 
and west.  If I heard it, I could work it.

I cheated and used a sign company to install the antenna and take it down when 
I moved.  I may be considering a 
similar set up here but would probably go with the SteppIR beam.


On 17 Jul 2006 at 10:36, wrote:

> Well the wife finally admitted she really doesnt want a full sized tower up.  
> BUT, we compromised with a Roof Top.  So Im looking at the pros/cons of the 
> glen martin or any other brands.  Im thinking the 8 or 9 footer.
> How far above can I get a mast.  Im on a single story ranch and that wont get 
> me 1/4 wave on 20m.  Can I add some mast ????   
> Thanks
> Scotty W7PSK.
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