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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Insulating Towers
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Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 20:03:06 -0000
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Yeah, insulated bushings, or some kind of insulated stud, whatever, anything
like that which is strong enough to handle the tilt over forces will
insulate the base of the tower.  The worse part it what to do with the yagi
feedlines, rotor cables, and maybe switchbox cables that will run up the
towers.  I have always considered it easier to ground the towers directly to
the radials, ground all the other cables at the base, and use totally
grounded yagis (no insulated element stuff, just gamma or T matches with dc
continuity)... then shunt feed the tower.

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> Hi
> I have just received planning consent (in the UK) for 4 Towers, each with
> an effective height of 25 M. I plan on various Yagi's on each tower, and
> arrange them such that they form a square.
> As you can see I am going for a 4 Square. The question is how do I
> insulate the towers?
> Each tower is  tilt over, telescopic. The towers are made by a company
> called Radio Structures of Nottingham (see
> <>  ) The
> towers are 25M Versions of there BM20.
> The website shows how they are installed.
> So far I think I need some sort of insulating bush around the studs that
> the bases bolt onto.
> Any ideas ?
> Thanks
> Adrian Rees (MW1LCR)
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