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[TowerTalk] securing a rotor

Subject: [TowerTalk] securing a rotor
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2006 15:07:21 -0400
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Hello Everyone,

I guess since its about 100 degrees at my qth now I should consider 
swapping out a rotor. I have a worm drive hallicrafters I want to put 
up in my rohn ssv tower. The rotor secures to the tower not on a plate 
but with 3 horizontal threaded rods(5/8 fine) at each pole with a 
clamp. The diameter of the tower leg is 1.25 inches and its solid. The 
clamp allows on one side the threaded rod to be secured with a 5/8 nut 
and on the other side are 2 smaller bolts for tightness adjustment to 
the tower leg. This looks like an ok way to do it. The threaded rod Im 
using is grade 8. At the location my rotor needs to go in the tower the 
spacing is about 24 inches on a side. With the diameter of the rotor at 
around 7 inches it looks like my rod length needs to be around 12-14 
inches or so with some slop built in. I have a 2'' rohn thrust bearing 
at the top of the tower.

My question is is the rod length too much for a really good robust fit 
in the tower? I think it was made for a tower that was a little 
narrower that what I have. Ive never not connected to a horizontal 
plate with a rotor before. The bearing will support most of the weight 
of the antenna. Its a 40ft boom 7 element 20 meter logcell. I just want 
to be sure the rotor doesnt move or twist. I know 5/8 is pretty strong 
but just want a reality check.

What do you guys think? Is there another better way to secure this 
rotor to the tower? The only other concern I have is that I dont want 
to make the connection too robust as to break off the threaded rod 
connection in the head if the rotor.

Sorry for any vagueness here, Id never seen a setup like this before to 
be honest. Its a great rotor, just a little funky to secure in a big 



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