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[TowerTalk] Need: Tri-Ex T-588 eng'd drawing

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Need: Tri-Ex T-588 eng'd drawing
From: "tom scott " <>
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 13:02:10 -0700
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I made this request before and got some info, which I very much appreciate, but 
a friend advised me to re-post this request with more explanation of the good 
cause it is in support of. 

I am on the board of trustees of a local Christian classical K-12 school 
( which has won an FCC license to build a low power 
FM radio station. 

With a great deal of volunteer work and donated resources we are building a 
broadcast/recording studio that will give our students the opportunity operate 
an FM broadcast radio station and work in a near-professional grade broadcast 
and recording studio. We are designing the studio with full accoustics, and 
three sound isolated studios, a large performance studio, a smaller talk-show 
studio, and a 1-2 person booth. 

The Tri-Ex T-588 was made available to us by a local ham with a critical 
medical condition. It is our hope to erect this tower (with full guying) on top 
of a large concrete tilt-up building to support a circularly-polarized FM 
broadcast antenna about 100' in the air. This seems like a good use for a 
lightweight tower like this. 

Being that we are a school, the local city building and safety commission takes 
our building permits and inspections very seriously (as well they should), so I 
am sure I will need an engineered drawing of the T-588 to be part of our permit 
application. I have gotten specs like weight and wind load in emails, but I am 
really hoping someone out there has the original Tri-Ex engineered drawing for 
the T-588. Otherwise we may have to forgo use of this tower and keep looking.

Thanks very much!

- Tom Scott

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