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Re: [TowerTalk] My Hot-Dip Galvanizing Experience (Long)

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] My Hot-Dip Galvanizing Experience (Long)
From: "Mark Beckwith" <>
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2006 09:51:29 -0500
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> Last week I had some hot-dip galvanizing done and
> wanted to share my experience with all of you.
> I was really intrigued by the entire process. [snip]

Thanks Mike, I found your post very interesting.  We have a hot-dip
galvanizing place here that I may have to take stuff to someday.  They price
by the "hundredwight".

I always thought this would make a novel finish for just the right restored
car or truck :)  I imagine they could get a premium if Hummers were
available in "galvanized."  I can hear helicopters and artillery in the
distance now.

When you asked about galvanizing your crank-up tower, did they caution you
about sufficient vent passages to the inner walls?  The place here won't
take anything that has only a hole drilled to the inside of a chamber, or
even a pipe with one end closed - they require pipe to be open at both ends,
i.e. a tower's okay.  Something about pressure and explosions.

A friend took some old straight-but-rusty 25G in for re-galvanizing, and he
concluded it was only barely worth it because of the amount of hand work to
be done afterwards to get the leg joint clearances back down to something
that fits from section to section (i.e. maybe they left it in the zinc too

I could see it being more "worth-it", however, on things like how thick the
zinc coating is, whether it's 25G or something bigger and more expensive to
buy new, and one's personal money to time ratio.  It's nice to know the
re-galv option exists, though.  Thanks again for the report on your field

Do you know if the galv plant had the ability to strip old paint?

Mark, N5OT 


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