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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] RE : Blue Herons, ospreys and other pesky critters
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Not a bad idea certainly would be quiter than the suggestion
about the 45cal. pistol. Heck, the tower might even grow a litle taller.
Anyone know "wench" brand of fertilizer galvanized steel crank-ups prefer?
Here we go....  -Mike

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No one ever tried with a sprinkler at the top of the tower?
Dont know what the quantity of water you need to chase the big birds ( None
of them here in my area ), but the starlings dont like water spouting in the
air neither above or underneath.

Jos on4kj os5n

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At our place in MD, the ospreys were pretty settled on the DNR nesting poles
in the creek.  There were smaller birds that tended
to land on convenient places on the sailboat, and crap things up.
Dangling CD's didn't really chase them...and the Blue Heron that
lived in the harbor wasn't deterred by much of anything.

I specifically remember my black lab being chased down the dock by
a squalling blue heron, who didn't even bother to take off...just ran down
the dock, flapping wings, chasing the dog.  Wisely, my lab
didn't look back.

Seriously,  Osprey's are endangered.  About the only way you'll
disuade them is to provide a nesting spot some distance away. They like live
fish, so your antenna farm isn't an ideal location.

Just be glad you don't have a prized koi collection in a pond.


ps:  plastic owls are readily seen as ornaments.  Birds have been around
since the dinosaurs.  They figure it out fairly quickly.


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