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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Stuck Rotator
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Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 21:37:48 -0400
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> The distributor (Jay) has been very helpful in getting this thing apart.
> I've now reached the point where it's time for a hydraulic press to get 
> the
> shaft out of the gear and the top bearing off.  IF I don't brake anything
> the only parts needed will be the two bearings and oil seals.
> That big bronze gear appears to have been cast onto the steel inner 
> support.
> As the bronze gear is thicker than the support it means supporting the 
> steel
> flange rather than the brass when pressing out the shaft.  The whole works
> has been soaking in PB blaster for the last two days.

We split a bearing race and used it to support the steel inner part of the 
worm gear wheel.  The shaft pressed out easily.  It did take a bit more work 
to get the inner race for the top bearing off, but it still was no big deal. 
OTOH The sealing surface for the upper oil seal is pretty well shot.  The 
surface for the bottom seal is a bit rough but I think that could be 
salvaged. Still I have to be able to use both ends of the gear.

> If any one is interested AND has a high speed internet connection there 
> are
> three LARGE high resolution photos of the insides at

There are now five and I have reduced the size to 100K per file, give or 
take a tad. I added two that show the upper and lower sealing surfaces.


There's a bit more information at the bottom of my tower project page

Roger Halstead (K8RI and ARRL 40 year Life Member)
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> page.
> Sorry about the round about method, but the old address here was getting
> more spam every day.
> Roger Halstead (K8RI and ARRL 40 year Life Member)
> N833R - World's oldest Debonair CD-2
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