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[TowerTalk] Birds on Antennas

Subject: [TowerTalk] Birds on Antennas
From: ABowenN4OO <>
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2006 08:06:50 -0400
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At 01:06 PM 7/25/2006, wrote:

>rock salt in shotgun shells works best at removing pests.It hurts 
>lie hell but will not kill them
I hope no one takes this seriously. Modern shotgun shells are 
difficult to open. Removing the shot, shot container and wads, then 
filling the cavity with rock salt and resealing the top is folly. I 
doubt that the author of this idea has ever tried it. No self 
respecting shotgun owner that I know would ever consider using a salt 
shell in his shotgun or modifying commercial ammunition.

If you were to fire this ill conceived concoction, you would 
immediately need to clean the shotgun with hot soapy water and a hot 
water rinse, followed by a rust inhibitor application. Any modified 
shells which have been stored for a while will absorb moisture and 
the salt would probably exit the barrel in chunks.

Rock salt crystals would only be a very short range propostion 
anyway. They are irregular, not round. Hence, they would fly off in 
an uncontrolled direction, once leaving the muzzle. Round shot has 
some ballistic coefficient. Irregular crystals have zero or negative.

Bad, bad idea.

I have decent sucess just clanking the rotator selenoid. If that does 
not work, an EMPTY BB gun fired in the direction of the offender, 
seems to work also.



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