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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tower Base
From: "Jim Martin" <>
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2006 22:09:21 -0400
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I?m curious to know which tower base is mostly recommended.  I have 58? of
Rohn 25, a base plate, a 36? base section, two house brackets, a 9 foot
(cut) section of Rohn 20G.


Initially my plans were to mount the tower next to the house using the
brackets.  After installing it in a temporary location next to the house at
only 28 feet in height, I decided to put the tower in the back yard anywhere
between 50? and 75? from the house and to use elevated guys.  One reason for
installing it in the back is there would be less generated noise.  My dipole
up at 65? back there tells me that.  Secondly, I plan to do the lightning
protection thing (bonding) and I?ve done a lot of research on that?I.C.E.,
Polyphaser, N3RR, K1TTT, Mike Holt, et. al.


I have three 10? sections of steel pipe 2 ½? O.D. and 5/16? thick?cut from a
single 30? piece.  Each section is intended to be placed at least 3 ½ feet
into concrete. I had holes blown through each section 3? from the top for
eyebolts to connect equalizer plates for the elevated guys. 


Getting back to paragraph 1:  Should I use the base plate and bolt it onto a
concrete base?  Should I bury the 3? base section into the concrete?
Should I use the Rohn 20G section vs. the 3? section of 25G into the
concrete?  My inclination is bury threaded J rods into the concrete and bolt
the base plate to them.


TIA for all recommendations.



Jim Martin, W6ZF

Dracut, MA



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