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[TowerTalk] Ground Windows

Subject: [TowerTalk] Ground Windows
From: (Phil Camera)
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2006 14:19:19 +0000
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 My shack is at the other end 72 ft. away.

I intend on installing polyphaser coax and rotor protection devices at the 
bottom of the tower to ground. 

Do I also have to have the same devices at that end?

What you need to do is install coax shield bonding devices at the base of the 
tower (which grounds the shields to the tower legs) and then right before your 
cables enter the house, install a single ground rod, which will be your SPG and 
install all of the coax and rotator lightning arrestors here.  

Also to this SPG, you will run your shack equipment ground out to it and also 
connect the SPG to your tower ground and your electrical service entrance 

Yes, you could double up on the device, both at the tower and the SPG but 
that's not needed.  You need the SPG just outside the shack.  If you don't 
install anything at the shack, that portion of cable runs from the tower to the 
equipment could pick up an induced current and zap your stuff.

Phil  KB9CRY

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