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[TowerTalk] Crankup tower gearbox lube question

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Crankup tower gearbox lube question
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Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2006 11:00:20 -0400
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I have an old Tri-Ex HZE-354 motorized crankup tower with a 40:1 ratio gearbox 
turned by a 1 HP motor. When I bought the tower, the gearbox was empty - no oil 
or grease of any kind inside - I guess from the staining on the gearbox, it had 
leaked out over the years. I have filled the gearbox with a mixture of SAE 90 
gearlube oil and black lithium grease. It turns quietly and smoothly and leaks 
very little. There is a pressure relief fitting on the top of the gearbox.

My question is this: what do others recommend in this situation, and what do 
the manufacturers of towers fill the gearboxes with - lube oil like SAE 90, 
lighter weight oil like SAE 30, gear grease? The gearbox does get warm when 
lifting the tower and I'm a bit concerned that the lubrication could be 
improved. The tower goes up and down quite often, four or five times a week 
depending on how many thunderstorms we have. 

Thanks guys for your comments - always appreciated.

73, Charles, K4ZRJ, Woodstock, GA


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