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[TowerTalk] QTH Planning

Subject: [TowerTalk] QTH Planning
From: Bill Carnett <>
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 16:22:14 -0700 (PDT)
List-post: <>
Greetings to all TT members,
  Back again with more questions, rather obvious but would welcome opinions 
from all of you with real life experience.  Maybe I'm working on some 
analysis-paralysis, but since I still have time before I must spend the $$, 
figured might as well collect as much data as possible.
  Building new QTH up on a 300 ft hill just south of Portland, Oregon.  Will be 
installing an AN Wireless tower, HD-70 with a Prosistel rotator.  The tower 
will be about 300 ft from the house (unavoidable) so will likely use LMR 600 at 
least for vhf.  I had initially planned on using a MonstIR, but have since 
drifted toward the Optibeam yagis.  Long story, but I think these will be a 
better choice.  Will be using an M2 17 element 2 meter yagi, OB6-6, 6 el long 
boom for 6 meters.  Planning on the OB 40/30 for 40/30.  So the decision is 
between the OB16-5 or OB11-5, baring any engineering problems requiring the 
smaller yagi (OB11-5).  The difference between these yagis is generally 1.5 - 
1.7 dBd on 20 - 10 meters, favoring the OB16-5 and about $1000.  Since I'm 
trying to look at this as a long term (at least that's what I'm telling the 
XYL) investment, I'm weighing the performance more than the cost.  My interest 
is in DXing and I'd like to do some contesting again...I would
 be nice to actually get through pile-ups for a change...I'm using a vertical 
now.  So, is the difference in gain really of signifcance?  Yes, I know less 
than a S unit.  There always seems to be a plethora of huge signals out there 
so I would like to be heard (yes I have an amplifier too).
  Sorry for the obvious nature of the question, again, I'm looking for 
information from those much wiser than I!
  Thanks to all.
  73, Bill

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