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To: "Byron Tatum" <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] M2 Antennas
From: Dino Darling <>
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2006 10:28:34 -0700
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This IS above and beyond!  There was nothing wrong with the original 
antennas except they were installed in an environment that exceeded 
their ratings.  I'm not picking on you Byron, but this is classic 
"user error", even if you only see storms like this every 100 
years.  In other words, the antennas didn't fail due to a 
manufacturing defect, but they were asked to endure severe weather 
beyond their design parameters.

I called Wyatt at M2 yesterday.  I told him I'm donating a KLM KT34A 
to their store to replace the stolen F12.  I asked Wyatt if M2 would 
be interested in donating the UPGRADE KIT for the older KLM 
antenna.  He said yes!  This too is ABOVE and BEYOND and that's why 
M2 has such a good following (I'm sure their antenna designs has 
something to do with it too!)!

M2 gets my vote too!

At 08:34 AM 8/11/2006, Byron Tatum wrote:

>Hello All-
>     I wanted to let everyone know of the great service and support 
> that M2 Antennas has provided for me. Last fall at my QTH south of 
> Houston, TX  I installed a pair of M2 18-XXX 144 Mhz. yagis. They 
> are on a 2" mast spaced 14' apart atop a 92' tower. A spring 
> thunderstorm blew through and bent the booms on the 2 yagis. The 
> bend on the lower antenna was fairly severe, and both antennas had 
> booms bent on each end. I was a little surprised that this occurred 
> as I felt the weak-link in the system was the 2" alum. mast { 
> 6061-T6 x 1/4" wall} extending 18' above 45-G top section neck. The 
> top antenna is mounted at very top of mast. The mast suffered no damage.
>     I sent pictures to M2 and talked to them about it and they 
> proposed to build for me 2 new 18-XXX's using heavier booms  to 
> replace the damaged ones.They sent me the two new antennas at no 
> charge and I feel they are to be commended on standing behind their products.
>     Anyway, I wanted to report this to everyone and to praise their 
> service. Thanks, Byron.
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