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Re: [TowerTalk] Tower Planning - Stacking Antennas

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Tower Planning - Stacking Antennas
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Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2006 21:02:28 -0400 (EDT)
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In my opinion, two 40M full size 3 element Yagis would be just as effective as 
three, less costly, and your 15M stack will perform better.  

40M full size Yagis interact badly with 15M Yagis.  Telrex dealt with this 
issue 50 years ago by using shortened 40M Yagi elements.  If you provide 
adequate spacing (at least 1/2 wavelength on 15M) between the 40M full size 
Yagi and he nearest 15M Yagis, the 15M performance should be good.

Here's a stacking arrangement you might model.  You can vary the height 
depending on guying constraints, etc.  The critical dimension is the 25 ft 
spacing between the 15M Yagis and the 40M full size Yagi.

15M Yagi  47 ft   
15M Yagi  94 ft 
40M Yagi 115 ft
15M Yagi 140 ft
40M Yagi 195 ft  


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>Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2006 12:46:24 -0500
>From: "Keith Dutson" <>  
>Subject: [TowerTalk] Tower Planning - Stacking Antennas  
>To: "TowerTalk" <>
>I have a 200 foot Rohn 55G that will be going up in the near future.  On
>this tower I want to put a stack of three 3el 40M and a stack of three 7el
>15M Yagis.  One of the 40M antennas will be at the top with rotator and
>mast.  The other antennas will be rotated by Ringrotors.
>What would be the best way to stack these antennas to ensure top performance
>from the two stacks?  I am thinking the 40 stack will be at 200, 134 and 68
>feet.  But I am unsure about where to place the 15M antennas.
>Although possible, I do not think the two stacks will be used at the same
>Thanks in advance for your suggestions/recommendations.
>73, Keith NM5G
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