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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Ham IV Rotor
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Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2006 14:23:58 -0400
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>> Hi fellas:
>> I have recently acquired a Ham IV Rotor and CDE controller. I am planning
>> on getting some Rohn 25 and mounting the rotor.
>>>From what I understand I will need a Thrust Bearing for load and a Rotor
> It depends on what you have for a top section along with the size of the
> antenna.
> If you have a conventional ROHN 25G top section it tapers to a tube about 
> a
> foot to 16 inches long.  Normally this would be plenty for most antennas 
> the
> Ham IV is capable of handeling.
>> (not sure about the thrust bearing) But, I can make the Rotor Plate from

I should have said the tube at the top of the stadard top section serves 
well as a thrust bearing fpr a relatively short pipe mast that will hold 
most antennas the Ham IV is capable of turning.

Roger Halstead (K8RI and ARRL 40 year Life Member)
N833R - World's oldest Debonair CD-2 (Use return address from home page)


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