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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] ROTATOR I.D.
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The following is from Norm's Rotor Service, Identifying Your Rotor.  For
further info, go to:


In the case of the HAM-M and the HAM-2, the rotors are identical, and the
only difference was a control box design change.  A HAM-M or HAM-2 would be
marked "5 523," which would indicate a series 5 rotor, made in 1975, the
23rd week of that year.  There was also a series 4 HAM-M rotor, and many
people identify this as a HAM-4, which it is not.  A HAM-M series 4 might be
marked as "4 532," indicating a series 4 HAM-M rotor, made in 1965, the 32nd
week of that year.


73 de W1MO

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Subject: [TowerTalk] ROTATOR I.D.

> I recently bought a TX 455 on EBAY and upon taking possession of the tower
it arrived with a rotor already mounted. Trouble is, upon removing the rotor
to find out what model it is I discovered there is no I.D. stamped on it nor
is there any label on the bottom. I also have a HAM IV and it has HAM IV
stamped into the bottom of the unit. The only numbers stamped on the bottom
are 5  536. Don't know how to decipher that one. Can anybody tell me another
way to identify the unit.
> Larry  K0IS
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