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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Q Street Articles .. ??
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Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 21:57:02 -0500
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I remember reading the QST reviews of the Maxcom unit. They trashed it 
pretty thoroughly. Even included X-ray photos showing the few components 
that were in the epoxy (resistors, coils) weren't connected to anything.

They even made the point that a Cantenna has as good a bandwidth as the 

The whole point of the review was that the Maxcom unit was a scam and that 
you shouldn't waste your money.

73, kelly
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Subject: [TowerTalk] Q Street Articles .. ??

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> Jake Jake Jake -- you are missing the point, methinks... As a Life Member
> of the League, I resent when they get suckered into the latest scam .
> usually has to do with aerials .. I can go on and on here and tell stories
> of the famous center connectors epoxy encapsulated, fillled with
> electronic trash"  -REALLY .. and some resistors that made the SWR bridge
> happy ... a famous electronic store I worked for (manager) for a short
> time had those in stock ..  those in-the-know tee-heed and guffawed...
> and, they were discussed in Q Street... and, ultimately exposed as pure
> BS --- There are hundreds of antenna devices floating around the Internet,
> gams of them on eBay ..  but .. a few  have SOME  merit  -- and, in the
> sixties, we used to love to talk around town on 75M / 4ØM on Mazda 5ØØW
> lamps .. connected to our amps!   Nuttin' gnu here!   But, a spaghetti
> feed of aerial wires that somewhat resonate .. hmmm .. saw the articles,
> shall now go read..... a ham taking the time and effort to present his/her
> ideas and perceived results is swell .. as long as not not snake oil!
> AND-- as to being on topic, aerials are what go on our     TOWERS!  =];?}
> HIHI..  es 73 .. Mark  AA6DX
> Eureka, FAR Northern California ...
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>> Everyone seems riled up about some "New Products" ads in QST. To which I
>> say:
>> I seem to remember that someone once told me that "P.T. Barnum was alive
>> and well and working in advertising".
>> We've beat this horse enough, lets get back on topic.
>> (ok, I'm off my soap box now).
>> 73
>> Jake  K9WN


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