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[TowerTalk] QST on drugs (was: 2006 Top Ten Chutzpah ...)

Subject: [TowerTalk] QST on drugs (was: 2006 Top Ten Chutzpah ...)
From: "Rob Atkinson, K5UJ" <>
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2006 14:39:20 +0000
List-post: <>
What's worse is the editorial content in Aug. QST:

1.  On p. 21 is something called a "fractal antenna" which appears to be a 
weird 12 sided wood table top with a hole in the middle, hanging somehow 
from something out of the picture.   What appear to be two legs of 
undeterminable material protrude down from above.  The text says this is a 
600 foot long loop.  Maybe it's a joke?  that's unclear, but when I look at 
QST, I'm not expecting Alice-in-Wonderland nonsense, that's out of context 
with the rest of the magazine, and is therefore only confusing and annoying.

2.  In Hints and Kinks on p. 55, someone has submitted what can only be 
considered a Kink:  Use a plastic Budwig open wire feedline holder as a 
mechanical means of effecting a transfer from unbalanced cable, to window 
line.  No balun, no Z transformation of any type is in evidence.   I've had 
a H&K get rejected before because it allegedly didn't meet QST's high 
standards of content.  I'm beginning to think I got paid a compliment.

rob / k5uj

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