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[TowerTalk] Need help on tower selection

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Need help on tower selection
From: "Merlin-7 KI4ILB" <>
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2006 17:30:08 +0100
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 At first, I was going to move my rhon 25 tower from my QTH in SC to NC but 
after reading a lot of posts here I am moving more toward buying new rhon 45.

 OK, let me tell you what I want first.

 I would like a tower between 80 and 100' but like most hams, the cash is 
limited but I will have a tower !!!! and a ham shack to hide in...did I say 
hide???? lol

 I could dismantle my rhon 25 and add to it but for the small price difference 
between new 45 and adding more 25 sections to what I have now (and not being as 
stable, wind loads etc.) I am leaning toward a new rhon 45 install. (besides I 
could add more sections to the 45 later with a lot less headache if I wish to 
do so)

 I would be installing the tower myself , So I would need all the sections, jin 
pole etc.
 When I installed my 25-g tower, I used an extension ladder that I would strap 
onto the side of the tower to raise the next section. Not the best way to do it 
but it was safe if not time consuming.

 My question is, How would you raise such a tower?

 Is there a kit or something that you could order from say, texas towers that 
would have all the hardware needed? includeing guy wires etc? With good 
instructions? (I have been married 23 years so I am good at following 
instructions hi hi )


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