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[TowerTalk] True North, astronomical methods

Subject: [TowerTalk] True North, astronomical methods
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Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2006 19:11:13 GMT
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To determine when the sun is due south:

Select:    Data Services

Select:     Sun (default)

Enter City or use "Worldwide Locations" to enter Lat and Long

Note: If you select "City" the times displayed will be local, not UTC

Select:     Rise/Set/Transit

"Transit" is the term for when the sun is due south.

For those with a surveying background:


You will want "Culmination of Polaris" which is when Polaris is at

the "top" of it's little orbit and is as north as it is going to be.

Note: This method may be way more accurate than needed.

Shameless plug for our astronomy club:


Tim Colbert  K3HX

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