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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] CONCRETE CURING
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Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006 01:27:26 +0100
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OK, If I read all this right...using common sense.

 If I pour the foundation, wait say a week. I should be able to stack the
tower as long as I do not fully tension the guys.  this is only a 60 foot
tower so the only stress that will be on it is the stack.
 Does that sound about right?
 The only antennas that ill be on it for at least a few months will be a 2m
collinear, a small 2m beam and the parallel dipole for hf. So there is no
wind load to speak of .

 The one issue I have is time. I would like to get as much done as I can
before I have to find a job up there.
 The land my home and all my projects will be paid for from what I have in
equity from selling the home I am in now. (ok I already own the land)
 I am just trying to get some kind of time frame in my mind that can be
safely done.
 If it will take longer ..I may cry...but so be it..

At the KCPL power plant where the concrete stacks are 750 feet tall - they
the magic number for max strength was 28 days.  A lot of difference between
750 stack and a short foundation though. Not trying to add fuel - just
Dave / NØATH

I would say one week is not enough, remember the compression/tension from a
tower in wind is a lot more stressful than foundations.  I think you are
guessing, the people who poured my concrete said they always recommend 3 to
4 weeks for towers or longer for complete curing.


Most builders will cap a foundation within a week of a pour.

Lots of them  will start framing at the same time. My sense is a week
is good enough.


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