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Subject: [TowerTalk] cableties and taping
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Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2006 10:35:56 -0500
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Just my personal use of cableties is to use the black ones.  After making the 
tie I use Scotch 33+ and make a couple of wraps over the tie.  Have some that 
have been on my tower more than 25 years and when inspected show no aging and 
resist removing.

I also use 33+ for any connection and make sure that if on vertical runs of 
coax that I start well below the joint and wrap upwards stretching the tape as 
I go.  This is the way roofing is put on your house and keeps water from 
entering the wraps.  When reaching the top of the area to be wrapped, I then 
reverse and wrap going down, again stretching as I wrap.  When I break tape I 
never secure the last 6" or so until the tape has relieved it's stretching.  
Then I final wrap and the ends will not come loose.  I have found ends holding 
well and sometimes hard to find after being up for years.  I never carry sharp 
knives up with me and always tear the tape.  If you care to use the knife then 
it would require less time to allow the tape to relieve itself before final 
wrapping.  Your choice.  

I worked in industry and have wrapped many joints of wiring etc.  It works for 

My opinion!!!....never use Scotch 88.....always Scotch 33+.

73, George KR5C

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