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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Rohn tower bolts
From: "Bill Parry" <BPARRY@RGV.RR.COM>
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2006 16:49:47 -0500
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Your experience in this is clearly far greater than mine. I inspected the
bolts that were visible from the ground and I didn't see any evidence of any
rust. He told me that three bolts were missing and that there was evidence
of rust around the holes. My assumption was that maybe the bolts were
somehow "deficient". Since he told me he would put the bolts in for free
this weekend, he has no reason to misrepresent the situation. It is
certainly possible that your presumption is exactly correct and that the
tower has been up for 5 years without these bolts and without anyone
noticing. Whatever the cause, they will be replaced tomorrow morning and my
problem resolved.

Bill, W5VX

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>>  My tower guy came down off my Rohn 25 tower after doing some  routine
>maintenance a couple of weeks ago. He said that I was missing three  bolts
>out of the tower legs. I asked if he figured that they just vibrated  out
>he said that it looked like they had disintegrated from rust. I  guess that
>Rohn didn't put all "good bolts" in the tower  sections.
>    Disintegrated from rust?!? This is preposterous.  It'd take decades for
>that to happen, and there'd still be some residual  material that you'd
>    Most likely they weren't installed in the first  place. I've never
>of a properly installed leg joint nut or bolt "coming  out"; it's a tight
>in the first place and they're held in place by the leg  compression so I
>doubt that they "fell out".
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