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Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2006 21:02:43 -0500
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Hello Steve - I am impressed at your resourcefulness in removing the 
 Now that's real amateur radio ingenuity - what it's all about- that and 
having fun.
In reference to your thin wall Teflon bushing, Many years ago in the food 
industry we would get clear tube from our local electric supply house to put 
fluorescent tubes in case of breakage above a processing area.  I am 
thinking that
might be just what you need here. Just a thought.
Dave / NØATH

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From: "Steve Litwins" <>
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Sent: Friday, September 01, 2006 6:02 PM
Subject: [TowerTalk] info sharing

Hey TT-ers;
Just thot I'd share a bit of info w/y'all.
1) a good place to get 2 x .250 6061T6 extruded Al tube is Dillsburg
Aeroplane Works.  Mr. Charles T. Vogelsong, (Ph. 717-432-4589) owner,
charges $5.84 a foot for that plus S/H.  UPS will take 8 foot pcs (not 6
foot as I was told).  That is what I wanted.  He even cut a pc. of 12' to 8'
and 4' at no extra charge.

2)  The top sect of my new tower is a 25AG2 (pointy top to some).  I have an
almost new one to put up.  It has, as u know, a pc of TS 2'9"  2 1/4 OD 14
Ga. wall at the top which I will use as a brng (sort of) for the 8' pc of
Al.  When I tried the 2" pc of Al it wud not fit...*&%^$#!!!  Upon exam I
noticed that the TS where welded to the legs (taper portion) had weld
intrusion inside the tube (watch for this).  This was 1' 6" down in the tube
from the top and was pretty hard to get rid of.  I brazed a bastard file
round side out to the end of a pc of 1 1/4 inch 2 foot long water pipe and
worried away at the welds for a cuppla hrs until the Al cleared just fine.

Now...since I've shared these two good bits of info w/u 'bout a
question?  I plan on only 2 small antennas up on this tower...5el(18' boom)
or 7el(30' boom) 6m at the top and A3WS just above the top of the tower.  I
know some of y'all have done this b4 so tell me how it works to put the Al
inside the TS top...corrosion prevention etc.  I thought abt gluing some
real thin Teflon or a cuppla kids place mats (very robust mtl) to the Al and
see how that fits...questions...comments?  (be nice pse) 73/dx
steve, k8wk


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