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Re: [TowerTalk] antenna eating tree

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] antenna eating tree
From: "Jim Jarvis" <>
Date: Sun, 03 Sep 2006 16:25:43 -0400
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Martin, AA6E, expressed concern about the rope or wire being in
the crotch of a branch, and that a screw-eye would be better.  And
better for the longevity of the tree.

I agree, Martin....but the antenna was 15' higher than that crotch,
over smaller branches, at the outset.  It fell in the storm.  If I were
to put in a fixed attachment point, it would be at 45', not 70'.  As high
as climbers would go in the pinoak. Material difference.  In VT, climbers
couldn't get past about 85' in my white pines, when the bow & arrow method
put the antenna above 130'.

off-reflector, another chap suggested a coax inverted Ell.  Not a bad idea,
only 125' long, and a recent thread on here.  I'm contemplating one for 1.8
and another for 3.5, using the same radial field, and the same tree to hold
them up.



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