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[TowerTalk] Tower Safety book, harnesses and antenna wire

Subject: [TowerTalk] Tower Safety book, harnesses and antenna wire
From: Craig Clark <>
Date: Mon, 04 Sep 2006 11:48:04 -0400
List-post: <>
>There has been a thread in the past and now re getting the right harness etc
>for climbing towers.  Some of us have been climbing trees, towers, and poles
>for a long time but may (probably) be doing it wise.  Is
>there some sort of on-line tutorial on the correct way (safety wise) to
>climb towers?  73/dx
>steve, k8wk

We sell the Tower Climbing and Safety book for $29.95

Secondly, when you buy antenna wire from Lowes of HD, remember, you 
are buying electrical wire that is a soft drawn copper. As was 
stated, it will stretch especially for long runs.

I do not favor using single strand wire as it is more prone to 
mechanical failure than is a stranded wire. If you buy on the used 
market, always look for a tinned wire as it is easier to solder to 
and less prone to oxidization.

Davis's Flexweave (tm) is a good product that can either be purchased 
coated, tinned  or bare. I have have had no problems in my 
installations using this product (and yes I sell it.)  You can 
get  #14 AWG 168 strands or #12 AWH 256 strands (#36 AWG strands.) 
You can also get multi-strand hard drawn copper or copper clad steel. 
I have found Cu-clad wire to be a PITA to work with and the plating 
tends to come off in our NH acidic rain.

I admit to over load in looking at all the options on tower climbing 
equipment. I have looked at Steve's site, Norther Hydraulic, Klein 
and a number of other sites and admit to being confused by all the 
options. Like the motorcycle helmet I just bought, it is hard to 
decide what is the best choice.

I am not trying to start a flame war with another writer on antenna 
wire who will disagree with me as he had not had good luck with 
Davis's wire or dacron rope.  I am only trying to share some of what 
I have learned in my 30 years in the ham business.

In all jest, I could digress about another subject but I'll pass. 
Hope everyone has a great Labor Day.

73, Craig Clark, K1QX

PO  BOX 209
603 899 6957


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