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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] putting line in trees
From: "Jim Jarvis" <>
Date: Tue, 05 Sep 2006 06:40:14 -0400
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w2wg, speaking about EZhang slingshot launches:

At 90' and above you are in the territory where you can't 
get the altitude with a heavier weight and the weight may not 
want to pull the line back down if it is lighter.


I've found the same...EZHang was good to 60 or 70', max, and
might have been tuned with the right weight to squeeze out a
bit more.  

I've since used a 35lb fiberglass recurve bow, with a 'gametracker' 
attached.  The 15lb test gametracker string is strong enough
to pull up my 1/8", 770 lb tensile strength, olive drab dacron 
line, at least to 85-90'.  For very high runs, or dense branches,
I pull monofilament..45 or 50 lb test, as an intermediary.  

I've also experimented with arrows.  Normal metal shaft arrows 
aren't heavy enough to carry to ground reliably from tall trees,
without heavy tip weight.  I've relied on a fiberglass fishing arrow, 
and even added weight to the head of that...dulling it at the same time.  

Putting an arrow over one or more 140' high white pines, at the
VT qth, was no problem.  My 160M dipole had to tie to two trees,
and go over a third, so it was somewhat more complex to install.

Remember, a bow and arrow is a weapon.  Downrange personnel and pets
need to be cleared before you shoot.   



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