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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] putting line in trees
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Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2006 08:07:30 -0400
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Hi everyone!
Well here in New Jersey we have a complication...a bow is classified as a
firearm in this state and the discharge of an arrow is a crime almost

Now I will tell you that I know of several clubs that use bows to set up
antennas on Field Day, and others who do it at home, but I can assure you
that I would end up with a problem if I did this in my town because of
"lovely" neighbors...never mind that some of the same folks set off
fireworks several times a year...

Vy 73,
Gordon Beattie, W2TTT
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I use a fishing arrow.

1. Has a nice pre-drilled hole for connecting the fishing line.

2. I buy the heaviest fishing arrow (without any tips) and then use a screw
on BNC connector as my weighted tip.  
No danger of embedding into a tree and provides decent weight to pull the
arrow back to the ground.

I use a compound bow (The smallest and cheapist that I could find).

My only problem is that my arms are not as long as I would like!  For 160M
work I have to get someone with 
longer/stronger arms!  

I use an inexpensive heavier duty deep sea fishing pole which I hold in a
bucket next to me so that the line will feed 
out in the general direction.  If two people then I usually hold the rod

   -- Bruce

On 5 Sep 2006 at 6:40, Jim Jarvis wrote:

> w2wg, speaking about EZhang slingshot launches:
> At 90' and above you are in the territory where you can't 
> get the altitude with a heavier weight and the weight may not 
> want to pull the line back down if it is lighter.
> -0-
> I've found the same...EZHang was good to 60 or 70', max, and
> might have been tuned with the right weight to squeeze out a
> bit more.  
> I've since used a 35lb fiberglass recurve bow, with a 'gametracker' 
> attached.  The 15lb test gametracker string is strong enough
> to pull up my 1/8", 770 lb tensile strength, olive drab dacron 
> line, at least to 85-90'.  For very high runs, or dense branches,
> I pull monofilament..45 or 50 lb test, as an intermediary.  
> I've also experimented with arrows.  Normal metal shaft arrows 
> aren't heavy enough to carry to ground reliably from tall trees,
> without heavy tip weight.  I've relied on a fiberglass fishing arrow, 
> and even added weight to the head of that...dulling it at the same time.  
> Putting an arrow over one or more 140' high white pines, at the
> VT qth, was no problem.  My 160M dipole had to tie to two trees,
> and go over a third, so it was somewhat more complex to install.
> Remember, a bow and arrow is a weapon.  Downrange personnel and pets
> need to be cleared before you shoot.   
> n2ea
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