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[TowerTalk] Human bones underthe tower !!

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Human bones underthe tower !!
From: "Marc Wullaert ON4MA" <>
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2006 13:58:07 -0000
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I was looking at my inbox and found this mail. Just curious was there
a answer from the poster ?

marc on4ma

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Sent: Sunday, July 04, 2004 5:13 PM
Subject: [TowerTalk] Archeological find in my Anchor hole

> In preparation for putting up my tower, I've started digging the holes
> for the pier and the four anchors. As I dug my first anchor hole, I
> unearthed some bones. At first I dug up what looked like a partial scull
> cap, and then a jawbone. Looking at the jawbone it looked like a human
> jaw. So I stopped digging and started making some phone calls. Everyone
> told me to call the county Sheriff. Just happens that my neighbor across
> the street is a dentist, so I figured that before I call the Sheriff I'd
> have my dentist neighbor look at the bones and tell me if he thinks its
> human. Well sure enough he confirmed it was a human child about 5-6
> years old. Guess he can tell by the teeth of which there's a full bottom
> set.
> And so the fiasco began. We had car loads of Sheriffs, the CSI (Crime
> Scene Investigators) and lots of other officials here until almost dark.
> They think from the age of the remains that it may be Native American.
> The Bureau of Land Management and two archeologists came out and spent
> all day removing the rest of the remains and took it away for study. My
> 3' by 4' hole is now just a tad bigger than I'd like and going to
> require a little more concrete than I'd planned. We made yesterday's
> paper too. And of course, any neighbor who didn't know about my tower
> going up, does now. There is crime scene tape all over the place. Course
> I took pictures to capture the memories.
> Hope this is not a bad omen for my tower. A foot to the east, north or
> south and I'd of missed the whole thing because I obviously hit the head
> as I dug.. And it wasn't very deep because I had just reached 3'. Just
> happed to have a contractor over too, who we're considering having him
> build us a barn. He said I should have just pretended it was an animal.
> Because now I'll be sorry I told anyone. I think I did the right thing
> by calling the sheriff but now I'm hoping I wont be sorry later.  Well
> we'll see...
> Final tally on the bones turned out to be a child and an adult.  Very
> very old but no more specific than that. They'll tell me more in about 6
> months after they've had sufficient time to study.
> Noel,
> West Haven, UT
> de KD6JHV

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