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Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2006 19:19:02 -0600
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Sling shot/wrist rocket and a fishing reel work great as an alternative.

Mike W0MU 

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Lines in trees

I've used the "William tell meets Izzak Newton" method as described

below for decades.

But first a disclaimer:

Safety precautions include eye protection and long sleeves.

My "method" is very similar to others noted on these pages,

except I use light fishing line and tape it to the arrow between the 

nock and the fletching.  I wrap a turn or two of electrical tape, then 

unwrap one turn about half-way and lay the fishing line in line with  

the shaft.  Hold the fishing line in place with the adhesive strength 

of the tape.This way, if the arrow gets hung up in a branch, I just 

pull, break the adhesive bond and the arrow falls.  I paint my arrows 

"Day-Glo" orange so I can find them if they go astray.

I also weight the tips with lead solder covered with electrical tape.

As mentioned by another poster, this blunts the end.

As the connection from the fishing line to the arrow is so easily

broken, I find it necessary to have an assistant who "matches my angle" 

with the fishing rod-reel combination when the arrow is loosed.



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