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Re: [TowerTalk] WSJ: Home copper thefts rise

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] WSJ: Home copper thefts rise
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Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 22:15:56 -0400
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Copper is a great electrical conductor....perhaps a good HV supply
connecting all stored copper things would be a good deterrent?

I've got one of those HV laser supplies, lots of voltage (many KV)  at low
current ( a few mA)  that would make one think twice about "collecting" my
copper stuff!


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I just had a storage shed at my home broken into. All my many years'
collection of heliax, coax, wire for radials, etc. was stolen - probably
about $1000 worth. They left my nice expensive mountain bike, tools, etc. -
they just wanted the copper. Too bad the metal recycler places don't seem to
ask anyone for ID, they just want the copper, too.


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>Subject: [TowerTalk] WSJ: Home copper thefts rise
>Today's Wall St. Jour. on p. D1 reports that the record high scrap copper
>price is causing a wave of copper thefts from homes across the U.S.   Most
>of the thefts involve ravaging outdoor central air conditioners to get the
>tubing and compressor, which can fetch a nice amount of money for a few
>minutes of work.  These thefts are taking place, not only at unoccupied
>homes but even when the homeowners are there.   Homes with exposed crawl
>spaces holding copper water pipe are at risk.   Theives are crawling under
>and hacking out the pipe when homeowners are away, even for just a few
>hours, doing thousands of dollars of damage to air conditioning and
>plumbing.   homeowners are adivsed to put locked covers over their air
>conditioners and enclose crawl spaces.  Hams:  Keep an eye on your
>copper--strap, feedline, radials.  other metals are reported as high scrap
>value as well such as steel and aluminum.
>rob / k5uj
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