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Here are a few recent thefts:

September 07, Star Beacon (OH) -- Thousands of pounds of copper stolen 
from Plant C.

Ashtabula County Port Authority (ACPA) in Ohio is beefing up it's 
security at power facility

Plant C after 2,000 pounds of copper bus bars were found missing last 
week. The theft of the

copper, used to ground electric wiring in the lower levels of the water 
pumping sections of the

plant, was discovered by FirstEnergy employees on Thursday, August 31, 
said ACPA board

president John Palo. "FirstEnergy supervisors detected they had a poor 
ground on electric lines


inside the plant... a large amount of copper bars were gone," Palo said. 
The missing copper

material is valued at between $5,000 and $6,000 at today's recycling 
price. FirstEnergy and

Palo alerted the county sheriff's office immediately when the theft was 
discovered. This latest

theft may or may not be connected to the August 26 arrest of two 
Geneva-on-the-Lake men

linked to a separate theft incident at another nearby FirstEnergy plant.




September 06, Fayetteville Observer (NC) -- Two more arrested in North 
Carolina for

power line theft. The Moore County, NC Sheriff's Office has arrested two 
more people in

connection with thefts of power lines. Jesse Dee Mabe and Steven Wayne 
Cole each are

accused of stripping about 1,250 feet of neutral power lines from power 
poles. The two are also

accused of breaking into two power substations and destroying three 
transformers. The thefts

caused thousands of dollars in damage to underground power lines, 
according to the Moore

County Sheriff's Office. Detectives began investigating the thefts in 
May after the Randolph

Electric Corporation reported that power lines had been stolen. The 
Moore County Sheriff's

Office believes the thefts are linked to increasing copper prices.




September 04, Ironton Tribune (IL) -- Two arrested in theft of copper at 
Buckeye Rural

Electric. Two people in Gallia County, IL, on Monday, September 4, were 
arrested in


connection with the attempted theft of an estimated $1,300 in copper 
from Buckeye Rural

Electric Cooperative's (BREC) Rodney substation. The thieves had it 
loaded in the back of a

pickup truck and were at the truck totaling their haul in a notebook 
when they were arrested,

according to Steve Oden, spokesperson for BREC. The accounts of recent 
thefts in the

three-county region are numerous. Oden said "[Copper thefts have] been a 
real problem in

Gallia, Lawrence, and Meigs counties, probably since June...Copper 
thefts are epidemic right

now." Recently thieves tried to steal copper from the grounding grid 
underneath a power

substation owned by the Guernsey-Muskingum Electric Cooperative. The 
culprits damaged the

substation in the process. "The substation began to malfunction and the 
voltage was so great the

concrete was smoking," said Oden.



Craig Clark wrote:

>My son woke at 2 AM one morning this summer to the sounds of 
>aluminium coax being wrestled with. He yelled and heard kids say 
>"beat it" and the sound of gravel being thrown from a speeding car.
>We called 911 and two cops responded. They called me up on the hill 
>to find three Al hardline rolls ready to be placed in a vehicle.
>It can happen to anyone.........even me in rural Rindge
>73, Craig Clark, K1QX
>PO  BOX 209
>RINDGE NH 03461
>603 899 6957
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