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[TowerTalk] 90' sky needel

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 90' sky needel
From: "Mac McCullough" <>
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 01:58:47 -0500
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Well thank you all for the past information and finally verifying the proper 
cable wrapping of my more vintage 90' model... vs. the later models ... now 
however im needing or wanting to restring/ replace the 3 lifting cables, the 
main one and the 2 shorter ones that pull up and or down the sections 4 and 6  
and as we know the main lift cable working from section 10 lifts up section 8.. 
  I'd like to find out the exact cable lengths if any of you know these and 
then I will either buy them from a supplier or else have them fabricated here 
locally by a wire rope shop ..  but im wanting to try and have the cables on 
hand so that I can perform this exchange while I have the crane here one time, 
rather than one time to lift out sections 4 and 6 to retrieve those cables then 
section 8 so I can restring it as well,  the intent is to save one extra crane 
trip and it's associated costing if I can ,  but I feel like it would be the 
prudent thing to do before I place this tower into long
  term expected service ... all help will be greatly welcomed .. thanx  mac/mc  

Located 46 miles due North of the Alamo, and 121 miles due South of the Western 
White House.   see my website at

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