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Re: [TowerTalk] US Tower MA 550 Windloading - 90MPH?

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] US Tower MA 550 Windloading - 90MPH?
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Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 17:07:37 -0500
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if this thing falls fully extended, will it be contained within your 
property, or your neighbors as well...  PS it sounds like the asshole city 
manager we had that resigned from here, accepted a job in your town ... I 
must add I was in large part directly responsible for him resigning...  and 
your perception is correct, I had to move and find a home with 10 acres, 
but then we had this years city elections and all the jerks were swept out 
of office ... I am a P&Z commissioner here, just for the express purpose of 
getting rid of the jerk city manager, and trying to promote a favorable 
amateur ordinance ...   mac/mc  w5mc

Located 46 miles due North of the Alamo, and 121 miles due South of the 
Western White House.   see my website at
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> writes:
> I think you've hit the nail on the head.  Local authorities are
> imposing "commercial grade" kinds of requirements for the permitting
> (if only because it's easy, not to mention, it's legally defensible
> in a PRB-1 environment), so you need "commercial grade" stuff. Tall
> light posts and free standing cell towers have no problems, but are 
> pricey.
> This, to my mind, is a far more insidious trend than the HOA CCR
> problem.  Pretty soon, the only hams who will be able to experiment
> with towers will be the ones who own acres of farm land in a lightly
> regulated jurisdiction.
> Jim, W6RMK
> Jim and all;
> I think you are right.  I thought the hard part would be getting an 
> exemption
> form our CCRs.  I was able to do that with not a big problem.  But I spent 
> 30
> minutes with the City Building Commission here in Plymouth, Minnesota and 
> he
> insisted on 90 MPH Wind Loading, 1/2 radial ice, with the antenna fully
> extended (i.e. not nested).  He would not move off this position no matter 
> what I
> said.  I tried all kind of arguements like precedent installations, 
> aesthetics,
> etc. but he would not have any of it.
> Not sure what my next move is.
> Al, K0AD
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