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[TowerTalk] Heights Tower - stuck base stub on clamshell

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Heights Tower - stuck base stub on clamshell
From: "Gregory PJ" <>
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 20:33:29 -0500
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Greetings all,

After 2.5 years of collecting parts, dealing with Heights Towers and a
military deployment, I'm finally getting my old-style heights tower up.
Thank you to all who replied so far on my base building questions. The base
turned out just fine and it is as solid as a rock.

I have my steel base built and the first tower section mounted - well,
almost.  The tower I bought used had 1 of the steel base stubs still
connected to the tower section and the other two were still mounted on the
clamshell tiltover peice. When I went to mount the first section tonight,
everything fit together just fine exept that 1 of the still-mounted base
stubs was off by about a "half a bolt hole".  Meaning, the other 2 legs
lined up just fine to put the tower bolts in, but the last one was off a
bit.  I tried turning the mounting bolt with the biggest wrench I have and
it won't budge.  Even tried a 2 foot breaker bar. Remembering past posts of
removing steel stubs from the tower section, I blasted everything with WD-40
before coming in for the night.

Any other ideas?


Greg K0PJ/9

PS = I'm also looking for a used motor for the tiltover device...


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