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Re: [TowerTalk] Antenna switches {Scanned}

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Antenna switches {Scanned}
From: Rick Craig <>
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 10:46:27 -0700
List-post: <>
Hi Gregg, since what you need is a fully interlocked antenna switch so that you
can never get the two radios on the same antenna, I know of two solutions. 
Array Solutions makes a "Six Pack switch" that allow two radios to share up to
6 antennas with full interlocking.  Add a Top Ten band decoder for each radio
to control the relay box and you should be set.  A more expensive but I think
better quality solution is to use two band decoders from microHam along with
one of their two radio, 6 or 10 antenna relay boxes.  I think the microHam
antenna relay box is much better built than the Array Solutions unit,
definitely more water proof if you want to mount it outside.  The microHam band
decoders allow you to program which antennas are connected for which band and
with the Icom radios, they completely decode each band.  The Top Ten Icom band
decoders combine 10 mtrs with 12 mtrs, as well as 15 mtrs with 17 mtrs.  It's
not a fault of the Top Ten boxes but a result of how Icom brings out its band
data.  I've used both systems but prefer the microHam solution.

73 Rick, N6ND

This might be a bit off topic but it is the best place I know to ask,so here it
goes.I have a decent station set up out here nothing world class but I work
what I hear and I can hear a lot.4 towers,lots of metal,fairly quiet blah blah
blah.I have a good freind who lives in the city who is also a ham.We have
set-up a remote station here for him to use via the internet,I do have DSL out
here.We were going to put up a multiband dipole for him but the fear of both
being on the same band,which could easily happen,made us decide to just put
switches to do an A/B deal.I have several manual swith boxes here.He gets
whatever antenna is online.Sometimes I forget to switch the A/B switches.We are
looking for a computer/locally controled 12 position antenna switch,plus an A/B
switch.Does any one know if these are available.His remote is a 756 PRO II.He
doesn't want to use my IC-7800 over the internet,says he doesn't want me to
have to unplug/plug the microphone connector,plus it still do esn't solve our
antenna choice problem.Any help out there?I know we aren't the first to try
this.   Gregg  K9KL

n6nd at arrl dot net

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