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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] R7000--vendor support
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Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 19:53:50 -0400
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I agree.

My experience with Cushcraft has been first class.  I rebuilt my 402CD that
was damaged in one of our hurricanes and I've rebuilt R-7's, and A4S's  over
the years and CC has always been very responsive and quick to help with
quick parts shipping and with technical questions as well. 

I also like the R-7 family of 3/8 WL verticals.  Lightweight, easily packed
for travel, quick to put up, and quite effective.  For our Shark's Tooth
festival in Venice, FL, we had one of my R-7's and a Force 12  Sigma 5 both
mounted on posts in the ground and it took the guys about 10 seconds to
abandon the Force 12  for the R-7.   We were about 130 yards from the Gulf
of Mexico and both antennas were mounted about 8' above ground for safety

Jon Hamlet,  W4ZW
Casey Key Island, Florida
"A little piece of paradise in the Gulf of Mexico"

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> An antenna issue--hardly at the bleeding edge of 
> performance-- but highly relevant to vendor support.
> I've had an R7, an R7000, and an R8 vertical...still owning 
> the latter two, as utility antennas, for a number of years.
> On top of towers, on top of hillsides, on top of poles at 
> friends homes and temporary exposition sites.
> Through it all, CushCraft has been great.  I took what I 
> guess to be a lightning hit, up in VT.  All the traps were 
> fried.  Black stuff everywhere.  Bought new traps, put it in 
> a ski bag for use later...
> and here we are in surburbia, four years later.  Won't tune.  Grrr.
> In the  diagnostic process,  CC was good enough to provide 
> replacement trap covers, and a replacement cap for the 
> MN7000, as I was doing surgical investigation.
> Eventually, we found the problem; seems to have been a 
> braided connection, on the exterior.
> Would I buy from them again?  Appropriate to the application 
> and product, you betcha.  Customer service is absolutely first rate.
> This vertical has accounted for 275 countries so 
> far...bleeding edge it may not be, but like many things, it 
> works pretty well, it's light, and it fits in my car quite nicely.
> It speaks highly of a manufacturer, when they extend 
> themselves to support product which is out of manufacture for 
> such a period.
> Not an investor in CC, just a very satisfied client.
> n2ea
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