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[TowerTalk] tower question

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Subject: [TowerTalk] tower question
From: "Greg" <>
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2006 17:02:41 -0700
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Looking for some info on a tower I am considering buying.  The owner thinks
it's a telex but is still looking for the paperwork.  It's a VERY heavy duty
72 foot crank-up that at one time had a motor unit on it.  The box for the
switch is still ther but the motor is gone.  The winch is still there and
guess I can put a hand crank on it for now.

The lattice bracing is not a normal Z bracing that you see on most towers
today...this is more like an X bracing....or more accurately two V's that
oppose each other that are welded where the two apex's meet.  Owner say's
its about 1200 lbs.  He has a very stout rebar concrete base for it that
looks just like those used by TriEx towers today and is about 8 feet long.

If this is a similar design to TriEX then also wondering if their tilt-over
option would work with it.

Foundation hole is planned to be 5x5x8ft.

Thanks for any help



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