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[TowerTalk] Value of an HG-70D Crank up

Subject: [TowerTalk] Value of an HG-70D Crank up
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 08:53:32 -0500
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Thanks for the replies on trying to identify a used tower 
I'm looking at.  Apparently it's an old HyGain HG-70D. 
Though its old, it sure looks to be in fine condition with 
the exception of a few rusy parts where the pullies are. 
 I think its the shafts.  I suspect I can replace them 
without too much difficulty.

Anyway.....trying to find out what a good price would be 
for this.  It includes coax standoffs and the 8-ft rebar 
base for the concrete.  It has a bracket for an electric 
motor and the switch box, but no motor, just a regular 
hand winch.
The asked price is $1,500.


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