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[TowerTalk] Gonna Retire! Gotta downsize & sell off 'stuff' sez theXYL!

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Gonna Retire! Gotta downsize & sell off 'stuff' sez theXYL!
From: "Paul McInnish - Home" <>
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2006 23:11:52 -0400
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OK, some of you had seen my earlier list... of a few months ago... that sucker 
has grown to 13 pages! I know, some of you wanted the updated list & I promised 
to send it to you but in the interim, I have had some serious hospital stays 
and just did not have the drive or energy to update the list... pls accept my 

The stuff that was sold or traded has been removed and tons of other stuff 
added... includes some boat anchor ham gear (& some that is not & fairly 
current!), antennas, tower, collectables, tools, misc. and so on and so on.

I am very serious about "down sizing"; have started the process to get myself 
retired, sell the house, buy a much, smaller one, etc. so I have got to rid 
myself of a lot of "stuff".

Entirely too much to list here (13 pages)... send me an e-mail, off line, with 
your e-mail address and I'll send you the list.  Please specify which version 
you want... Word (doc) or Adobe PDF (the PDF is a much smaller file but looks 
exactly the same as the Word document).

This list is still "evolving", more items being added constantly... will 
re-post periodically as I add 'stuff' & 'stuff' is sold.

If you are interested in any item and you think it is priced too high... heck, 
you ain't gonna hurt my feelings... make an offer!

My detailed contact info is on the list.

Paul McInnish

PS:  Also, if you are looking for a nice larger home (4000 sq. ft.; realtors 
call it a mid-level executive home) in the metro Atlanta area & you have a
small 2-3 BR low maintenance home WAY out of the Atlanta area (mountains, 
country, small town, with or without acreage, etc.) and it is paid for & want 
to trade your home for a healthy equity, contact me off line.

Believe it or not... I am in the market for a few things... but very few! (And 
don't go telling the XYL that I am looking for a couple items, please!) Please 
see the last pages of the list for the items I am looking for.  BUT, it you 
have something that you think there is no way I can survive without it... heck, 
lets take a look see!


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